Mutton Bustin

Mutton Bustin is an age-old tradition, where young kids race each other on sheep.  Race your friends through budgeting, saving, earning, and investing decisions in an original Money $heep board game.  Mutton Bustin helps youth understand budgeting, saving, income, and investment risk.  


  1. Write down three things you want to save money for on Berkly's Budget Buster. 
  2. Start at GO. 
  3. Draw a card from the stack, alternating turns. 
  4. At the beginning of the game, you cannot move backwards from GO.  You must draw a card that moves you forward to start the game. 
  5. Every time you pass GO, check off one of your saving goals on Berkly's Budget Buster. 
  6. The first player to check off every saving goal WINS the game. 
Included with game: 
  • Mutton Bustin Board 
  • Three player pieces
  • Three white board markers
  • Three Berkly Budget Buster cards
  • Playing cards 
  • Instruction Guide
Price: $25.00
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