From December 20 through December 25 take your kids on Money $heep's Stocking Stuffer Christmas. Teach them about valuable financial concepts, while helping them experience the spirit of giving. We teamed up with Prosperity Wealth Management to create an engaging Christmas activity for your family. 

December 20 - Dear Santa:

Have your children write a letter to Santa of the things they want for Christmas. For every item they request, let them know that Santa needs their help by giving one of their current toys to another person.


December 21 - Don't Be a Grinch:

Have your child make a list of the people that he/she wants to give a Christmas gift to this year. To incorporate saving or an allowance, make sure they know that they can’t spend more than their savings. Encourage them to get creative and make gifts for others, cards or DIY projects, to stay within their budget.


December 22 - Christmas is my FAVORITE:

Challenge your kids to channel their inner Buddy from Elf. Discuss with your kids that there are ways to give to others besides money. Let your kids tell you different ways that Buddy gave to others in the movie. Have them create Christmas coupons of things they can DO for others later to give as a gift. Perhaps they give their teacher a coupon to help clean the classroom or they give their parents a coupon to make breakfast.


December 23 - Santa's Elves:

Tell your kids that Santa is short on elves this Christmas and needs their help. Help them research different charitable organizations or ways to give back in your community. Let this project focus on giving their time. For example, go with them to ring bells for the Salvation Army or help serve a meal to those in need.


December 24 - Christmas All Year:

Imagine if you told your kids that Christmas wouldn’t just be in December, but would continue throughout the entire year. I bet they would be jumping for joy. Talk with them about carrying the spirit of giving throughout the entire year. Help them decorate three boxes or jars – one for saving, one for spending, one for giving – that they can use throughout the year. This is a time to reinforce their understanding of income, budgeting, and saving.


December 25 - Christmas Cheer:

As your family open gifts, have each person say something or someone they are thankful for this Christmas season. Discuss the importance of living a grateful life. Ask them about what they’ve learned about money through giving to others